Submission (Part 1) Written By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh

04 May

Submission (Part 1) Written By Ayaan Hirsi & Directed By Theo van Gogh


‘Submission’ Part 2 never happened because the person who directed this film (Theo Van Gogh) was murdered in public and a letter was pinned to his chest by use of a dagger. The creation and expression of this video costed him his life. Ironically, the act of violence and murder of Theo Van Gogh and the death threats against Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave this film exposure all around the globe.

About The Short Film: Submission (Part 1)
The short film’s title ‘Submission’ is a direct translation of the word “Islam”  Submission is a 10 minute film in English written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and directed by Theo van Gogh. The short film was broadcasted in August 29, 2004.


The film tells the story of 4 fictional characters played by a single actress wearing a veil, but clad in a see-through chador, her naked body painted with verses from the Koran.

The characters are Muslim women who have been abused in various ways. The film contains monologues of these women and dramatically highlights three verses of the Quran (4:34 2:222 and 24:2) that authorize mistreatment of women, by showing them painted on women’s bodies.


On November 2, 2004, Theo van Gogh was assassinated in public by Mohammed Bouyeri, Moroccan muslim with a dutch passport. A letter stabbed through and affixed to the body by a dagger, linked the murder to Van Gogh’s film and his views regarding Islam.

After the murder of Theo van Gogh, Submission gained international fame.

About Ayaan Hirsi Ali:
Ayaan Hirsi Ali born 13 November 1969 in Somalia. Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Dutch feminist, writer, and politician. (a former member of the Dutch House of Representatives for the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy).

She is the estranged daughter of the Somali scholar, politician, and revolutionary opposition leader Hirsi Magan Isse. She is a prominent critic of Islam, and her screenplay for Theo Van Gogh’s movie Submission led to death of Theo van Gogh.

When she was 8 her family left Somalia for Saudi Arabia, then Ethiopia & eventually settled in Kenya. She sought and obtained political asylum in the Netherlands in 1992 under circumstances that later became the center of a political controversy. In 2003 she was elected a member of the House of Representatives (the lower house of the Dutch parliament), representing the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD).

In 2005, she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Lo’s Personal Thoughts on Submission (Part 1):

(Video originally Uploaded by  on Oct 16, 2009: HERE)

I shared this beautiful short film because to me, it shows an example of the DEVOLUTION OF THE SACRED FEMININE SANCTITY (and its NOT directed at any particular group/person). We can all agree to disagree but I will not tolerate silly arguments, I love to read them though 🙂

Humans (across the world, regardless of their different cultural practices, beliefs, religion, race, sex, socioeconomic status etc) tend to deliberately commit atrocious acts that go against human rights & find a way to justify their actions by placing the blame on some “HIGHER SOURCE”… stop with the ignorance!

Please read through the responses before you attack each other over deeply programmed (insane) beliefs. Also, please learn to tolerate each others differences and BE LOVE. Humans are so quick to find some reason just to always hurt one another via polarized opinions and fictitious beliefs because everyone is so addicted to the never ending ‘the dark ecstasy’ conditioning of this planet.  What exactly is everyone defending and fighting for anyway?? Sigh…

Peace & Blessings
Lo (Enigmaress)

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