The New High Heart Consciousness is Rising

16 May

The New High Heart Consciousness is Rising.
Posted by Denise on May 15, 2012 in New Humans, New Earth

5D High Heart Rising by Denise Le Fay

For the past couple of months I’ve been seeing a very beautiful vision. The above drawing my sister Yasmeen Harper recently did for me is very close to what I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing. This exciting image represents the start of the rising (ascending) of 5D High Heart Consciousness within humanity. To me this is comparable to humanity literally crawling out of dank, dark cave and into the Light and sanity! The significance of this evolutionary ascension transition is monumental and will quickly cause humanity to shift from living and perceiving from their lower frequency 3D solar plexus and bottom two chakras only, up into their higher frequency 5D High Heart.

An entire book could be written about the differences between just these two levels of awareness and their corresponding external worlds and realities, which should tell you how important and life and reality changing this particular ascension-related shift actually is. [CONT’D]


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