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the promises i make myself (classic 2011)

the promises i make myself (classic 2011)

Guide me and return me back to innocence.
Lo (Enigmaress)

be whole now

Three Girls, by Amrita Sher-Gil, 1935

I promise to walk the path that I always knew, deep inside, was mine –
even when I was blinded by interference,
fogged by hypnotic illusion,
and momentarily forgot my way.

I will remember that the map is etched upon my heart
and readily accessible if I choose it so.

I promise to trust the inklings of my heart
and the urgings of my spirit without hesitation.
I will invite my mind to the party as well,
recognizing that wholeness fosters clarity
and the promise of greater peace.

I promise myself to listen more, to talk less,
and in every moment possible to speak my truth.
Knowing full well that others may not hear it, understand it,
appreciate or value it, I will speak it anyway.

At the end of the day,
I will honor the face I see in the mirror.

Any promise…

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