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making love to god: part one

I love myself in me,, I do now…
Love and Blessings,,
Lo (Enigmaress)

be whole now

Among my various unpublished works is Making Love To God, a potent manuscript that weaves my highly personal experience of Divine Union with a look at contemporary spiritual relationships (including my own). The words carry a frequency that can unlock the hearts of those who are ready for such a path.

In the interest of unfettered sharing and as a deepening of my own truth, I begin today to offer up the manuscript in a series of consecutive blog posts. I trust this material will be received and honored in the Spirit in which it is given. May we all find the courage to strip away anything that separates ourselves from our own Divinity.

Image is “Ecstasy of St. Teresa” by Gianlorenzo Bernini. The marble sculpture (1647-52) stands approximately 11′-6″ tall, in the Santa Maria della Vittoria, Rome.

Making Love To God
by Rachel Snyder

Author’s Note: I have…

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