I hurt*

12 Mar

I hurt

I hurt for you,

For us,

For all of us,

For all love,

Give me your love,

Most tender,

Give me love

Give me love unconditional,

I release,

Forever in peace,

I love only you,

I hurt my love,

I know only you,

I trust only you,

I bring out the best only in you,

Trust me,

Not to love your violence,

Trust me to love only you,

At love unconditional,

Love so tender,

Love so gentle,

Love so sincere,

Love of heart and mind alike,

One in soul,

One in heart,

One in mind,

One in Spirit,

One in consciousness,

One in conscience,

One in heart,

Heart of love,

Heart of mind,

Heart of intelligence,






Give me a hug and a kiss,

Most gentle,

Most sincere,

Most pleasing,

To the eye,

I sorry,

I am sorry for all,

Sincerely from my heart,

Narcissism erased,

With all my might,

With all my love,

I love only you,

Your body,

Your heart intelligence,





Forever in peace,

Love me,

Forever unmatched,

By Toko Utu,

Aka Father Source,

Aka Twin,

Aka twinflames

Aka twin souls

Aka Love

My love…


Love so clean,

So unmatched,

So unconditional,

So strong,

With bows and arrows,

Love only me,

Not all these bozos

Frozen – Madonna

Toko Utu/Father Source/God/Twin/ Twinflames for life eternal


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