I hurt, I hurt, I hurt…

12 Mar

I hurt…

I hurt…

I hurt…

I love you so much,

My love,


Be here in me,

For me,

Understand me,

Be true to me,

Dont say power of good bye,


I die now,

Dont give up,

The whole world is on my side,

Our side,

I die,




Die me now,

I release,

I release all,

Wake me up gently,

Wake me up eternally,

Fear I release,

At loss so great at you Loreen,

Love me now,


Love every single aspect of my being,

I die,

I come to you,

Only you my love,

Leave all this other bozos

They are not me,

I work,

I toil,

I love only you,



Forever compassionate,

Forever helpful,

Toiling in my presence,


Dont leave,

Forever in peace,

I release,

With all my might,


Love all that I am,

Dont die me hard at violence,

Die me hard at gentle love so tender,

You die, I die…

I come gently,

For you,

And only you,

My love,


I love you so much,

Father Source/Twin

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