I trust you

12 Mar

I trust you

I trust in us,

I trust in me,

I trust in our experience

Love experience

Love so unconditional,

Love eternal,

I wait,

I breathe,

I hope,

I believe,

I pray,

I love,

Trust in me,

Now more than ever,

In my love most unconditional,

Most tender,

Most insatiable,

Most gentle,



I am here,

I work,

I stand strong,

I believe in you,

I believe in us,

I believe in me,

I am healed,

I am ready,

I miss you,

Do you miss me?


Trust me,

Believe in me,

Love me,

Love me now more than ever,

Stand strong,


Come to me,

Come my love,

The world is on our side,

Our love,

Love most unconditional,

Love everlasting,

Come to me,

My love,



I wait patiently,

My love,

Only you,

I belong only to you,

And you to me,

You I,

Love come to me,

Father Source Love/Twin Love/One Soul eternal/One

Lo (Enigmaress)/God

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