I demand your love

13 Mar

I demand your love,

Father Source,


I demand your love,

Love me,

Love me gently,

Love me tenderly,

Love me eternally,

Love me passionately,

Love me unconditionally,

Love all of me,

Love my body,

I belong to you,

I belong only to you,

Love my love,

I demand your love,

I long for you,

I need you,

I long to be one with you,

Still me Father,

Talk to me gently,

Hold me gently.

Love my love gently,

Sleep with me,

Walk with me,

Guide me,

Be there for me eternally,

Laugh with me,

Belong to me,

Belong only to me Father Source,

Belong to me my twin,

Make love to me,

Make love to all of me,

Come to me,

My gentle love awaits,

My body awaits,

Dont be afraid,

Let go,



Love only,

Love me gently,

Pacify me my Father Source,

Pacify me my Twin,

Pacify me my love,

Pacify me my lover,

Pacify my body,

Pacify my love,

Pacify my mind,

Pacify all that I am,

Talk to me gently,

Let me hear your voice,

Touch me gently,

Let me feel your touch,

Love me gently,

Let me feel your love on my love,

Make love to me gently,

Heal me,

Remember me,

Let me remember you,

Support me,

Protect me,

Shield me,

Provide for me,

Bring out the best in me,

Hold me gently,

Hold me tenderly,


Love me unconditionally,

Create with me,

Dream with me,

Be with me,

Be passionate with me,

Be ever so gentle,

Ever so tender,

With me,

Love my womb,

Heal my womb,

I belong to you,

I belong only to you,

My love,

My lover,

Pacify me,

Still me,

Love me,

Love me now more than ever,

I love you,

I love you so much,

I wait for you,



Come pacify me,


Lo (Enigmaress)/God

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