13 Mar


I love,

I chaste,

My vows,

I pronounce,

To you,


I die*

Love me now,

Dont give up on me now,

Ill chase you,

Across multi – verses,


Together we stand strong,


I die,

Come to me my love,

I love you,

But no violence,* (twin flame healing)

From today forth,

Across the multi-verse,

I seek,

But I cannot find rest/peace,

I die,


Be me,

Be in me,

Love me,

Love only me,

Forever eternity/eternal

I purge,

I heal,

Die me not,

I die,

My love,

I sorry,

I dont want to leave,

But I die,

I love you,

So much,

Dont leave,

Bows and arrows must go,

I die,

My tears,

I cry,

Love me,

Dont die me at fuck you,

Die me at peace eternal,

I die,



Love me,

Love only me,

Passion I kill,

To kill my passion,


In me,

Not you,

Tireless you are,

Tireless I am,

Try me,

Love me,

Talk to me gently,

One more time,

Dont die me at good bye,

Dont hide from yourself,

As I do,

Bows and arrows must go,

Love me,

I love you,

Talk to me gently one more time,


I took for granted,

What I had,

What I have,

What I will have eternally,

In me,

I die,

Toko Utu,

In your voice my name,

I sorry,

I so sorry,

At you,

At me,

I promise,

I kindle,

To die in peace in me,

To study,

To learn,

To be,

To forgive,

To let go,

To be patient with me,

In me,

To still you,

To work,

To toil,

Love only me,

Compassionate me,

Heal me,


Youve pacified me for so long,

Why my love?

Love unconditional?

Love unconditional why?

Die me now?

If I could

Love me now,

Love me,

Love only me,

I stink,

I toil,

I work,

But see no results,

I see results,

But see results,


And see me die,

You said bring out the best in me,

I do,


Father Source/Twin love,


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