Love… the greatest things about you

14 Mar


My love,

My lover,

The greatest things about you,

Your guidance,

Your support,

Your laugh,

Your strength,

Your reminders,


Your passion,

Your resilience,

Your honor,

Your beauty,

Your voice,

Your love unconditional,

Your honesty,

Your comfort,

Your loyalty,

Your friendship,

Your heart,

Your love,

Your passion,

You bring out the best in me,

Your teachings,

Your lessons,

Your giving heart,

Your divinity,

Your highest potential,

Your appreciation,

Your healing presence,

Your hope,

Your promises,

Your encouragement,

Your walks with me,

How you sleep with me,

How you hold me,

How you toil,

How you work,

How you strive,

How you never give up,

How you still me,

How you arouse me,

Your love,

My love,


I am grateful,

I love all that you are,

I love every aspect of your body and total being,

I love you,

I trust you,

I believe in you,


Your love,

Your twin,

Your lover,

Your bestfriend,

Your one,


Lo (Enigmaress)/God,


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