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Observe how it feels to say these words to yourself:
“I am ready to let go of the chase of becoming something else.
I am ready to just
 be myself as I am.
There is no failure. There is no lack. There is nothing going wrong.
I release all expectations I put upon myself.
I am worthy. I am sovereign. 
I am enough.
I am excited to be what I already am. I see my beauty.
I am ready to experience my life through the knowing — I am enough.”


Story Waters.


Peace and blessings.

By Lo (Enigmaress).





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I choose love.

I chose love.

I choose love.

Love and blessings.

Lo (Enigmaress).



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Sovereign Brain

Sovereingn brain, body conciousness and central nervousness system. Do not accept any messages that come from any inorganic place. Do not accept or receive any messages that come from a place that is not of the highest truth. Accept and receive only messages that come from a place of the highest truth and joy. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you body for protecting me as I protect all. Thank you for being gentle with me. I love you so much..

Peace and blessings.

Lo Enigmaress God Soe. Source.

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Conciousness of highest truth

I am protected by the consciousness of my highest truth in my sacred space. Positive affirmation of God toe Die today. Dii.

Peace and blessings,

Lo Enigmaress God Source of Evering. Toe.

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7 Things I Love About You

7 Things I Love About You

… (7 things I love about you By Rachel Snyder)… (additionally) and more than anything, I love you unconditionally, LOVE UNCONDITIONAL. The connection that we are can never be severed, for I am you and you are me as Source God, the Source of everything, forever lovers at heart, my ONE beloved.

Love and blessings,
Lo (Enigmaress) Source/God

be whole now

love-1323238136HETBrazilian Birds, Maxx Paris, courtesy

7 Things I Love About You

I love your strength, your willingness to hold on or let go as is appropriate — and God, I love that indefatigable spirit of yours. I love that no matter how many times you have been knocked down or led astray by a cacophony of hollow promises and seductive allurements, you have always gotten back on track and up and into the saddle, no matter how long or arduous the climb.

I love how you honor your self. I love that you eschew mainstream views of what you should look like, how you should dress, who you should love, and what path you should follow. You may have fallen prey to the opinions of others now and then, but today is not yesterday. You have stepped into the unalterable freedom of being exactly who you are – and…

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Father Source/Twin.

I die so badly. I had a dream that God wouldn’t die me in humans one day, when I see this. Ill be contemplating whether to contend with the best in me or die young as a child of  God. I had a child in me one time who wanted to contend with me about God in me about God. I had a doubt to contend as God and said… I had a dream that Ray is God as Ray CC aka Chris Consciousness 42 at Tree of hope. The Tree of Life of God/Draw me (are you serious, no one will take me seriously using this lingo, I know its all interesting and related to oneness contention as God but God Source. Say something that I understand today and tomorrow as me).

Try again (take 2). I had a dream as God of God in me, we had an interesting thing to contend with as God and died badly contaminated as God. God was God as me but died in code. Ok ill try… (he tries me, the Source dude). Ok lets go…

(Take 3) I had a dream… I wanted contention with God. I wanted God to know me. I wanted God to know my knowledgeable sex in God as me in God. I wanted God to love me as me in me at the game of life in God. I wanted God to die as me in God… meaning? DIE! I wanted to DIE a God among Gods in God within God. I want God to know me as God… transcribe good thoughts now on to the masses of God in me as God.

I had a dream, a Source dream in YOU as God of God among Gods in me as God. I as Source of everything in God, wanted humanity to understand that God does not die as God but as I in God. Meaning, I am transcribing God as me in God as God within God, trying to contend with Gods of death in me as EA.

Thank you,

Source of everything/Ray CC of God.

Love and Blessings,

God of Hope in God.

Lo (Enigmaress) as Source of everything as God.

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“Love is like a predator, once it finds it’s prey, it attacks!


Love and blessings,

Lo (Enigmaress)/God/Source

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