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Transmuting Negative Experiences That Make No Sense


Cosmic Egg By Alfoart

Whenever you encounter negative experiences that make no sense, the experience in itself is intended to heal a negative thoughtform/energy that already exists within you that needs to be transmuted. The purpose is to bring out that negative thoughtform/energy from within you to be experienced externally, so that you can transcend its limitations and grow into a wider, expanded being. We attract negative experiences not because we have done something wrong nor because we deserve it, NO! We attract these experiences so we can heal and transcend any negativity of the same resonance that we might be holding within any of our multiple multi- dimensional selves.

This is usually an opportunity for one to face a limiting experience head on, so we might find our inner, truest, purest selves as divine beings of unlimited potentials. So Source says, face any and all negative experiences that make no sense fearlessly, with gusto and with outmost FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION for SELF and for OTHERS. And more than anything, during the most difficult and confusing moments of your negative experiences, be very, very, very GENTLE with yourself, because you are doing the best you can under the circumstances.

It is all part of the process and it is an experience like any other human experience youve been through or that you’ll ever go through, so dont ignore it because it will clog up your sub conscious mind and you may end up unconsciously repressing a much needed experience required for growth and self- healing process. Neither should you identify with that negative experience because YOU ARE NOT your experiences, you are so much more than what you experience. Just be neutral, allow and observe that experience for what it is, your highest potential will unfold through your observation of self and of the experience itself.

As lightworkers, sometimes we forget to ASK FOR HELP OR ASSISTANCE from the divine when we are going through the most debilitating, trying and most difficult moments, because sometimes we get used to the darkness and harshest of experiences as is the norm for the average lightworker, as we are constantly holding light and sacred space for ourselves and for others who cross our path. Source says gently, ask for help and HE will instantly be there to assist in anyway shape or form, to give support in experiencing and transmuting your shadows as quickly and as painlessly as possible depending on your circumstances and the level of growth required of that particular negative experience and the lessons that come along with it, depending on the agreements you made in your divine blueprint before your incarnation on earth. HE is ALWAYS available to assist you through all negative experiences, and by divine right and will, you are entitled to compassionate, unlimited assistance in transmuting lower density vibrations and consequently calibrated back into full balance with divine Father Source at anytime you will.

Also remember this, that during the process of transmutation of negative energy into positive energy, it will always seem to get worse before it gets better. It will seem as though multiple negative experiences will coalesce into one single moment, and the blows may even be so rapid and relentless that it may even take your breath away and leave you reeling or staggering and gasping for air. Take heart and hang on to the mast, its always darkest just before the new dawn. However, through the transmutation process, dont forget that dawn brings with it the promise of a new day, a new beginning and unlimited potential, because that is what you are – a divine loved being with unlimited potential.

Negative experiences that make no sense are an opportunity for one to grow into ones highest unlimited potential. It is an opportunity for one to HEAL and LET GO of and TRANSCEND experiences that no longer serve ones true purpose and destiny. Think of it as a temporary transitioning phase thats short lived, as unpleasant as it may sometimes feel, it wont last forever, change is the only constant and it is inevitable.

Father Source reiterates compassionately, that one needs to face ones negative experiences fearlessly and with gusto, knowing you are fully cared for, supported and deeply loved in the moment and at all times.

Love and Blessings,
Lo (Enigmaress)


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Just Forgive (Inspired By Mary Karen Read)

When deep injury is done to us…
We never recover until we FORGIVE.
Forgiveness does not change the PAST
But it does enlarge the FUTURE.

~Mary Karen Read~
(Mary’s Final Journal Entry)

Peter Read, the father of Virginia Tech shooting victim Mary Karen Read, said he never intended to give a eulogy at her funeral Mass today at St. Mary’s of Sorrows Church in Fairfax. But the retired Air Force lieutenant colonel climbed to the lectern at the end of the hour-long service to read from one of his daughter’s notebooks. He had found it only that morning.

It was a little red, bound diary where the former Annandale High School student had written some of her favorite quotes on forgiveness.

When deep injury is done to us…
We never recover until we FORGIVE.
Forgiveness does not change the PAST
But it does enlarge the FUTURE.

~Mary Karen Read~
(Mary’s Final Journal Entry)

He read from the notebook, an entry his daughter had penned in February. “That was Mary’s message”

Peter Read said, “I just wanted to share it with all of you.”


R.I.P to all those who perished in the VA Tech Massacre that took place on Monday, April 16, 2007.
This video was created by a student from UCF (from what I have gathered so far). The person who created this video was inspired by Mary Karen Read’s final journal entry about forgiveness. I am not sure who this person is but ALL credit goes to him/her for creating this video

Not forgiving someone
Is like drinking poison
And expecting the other person to die.

When deep injury is done to us.
We never recover until we FORGIVE.
~Alan Paton~
South African Writer and Educator,1903-1988)

Forgiveness does not change the past,
But it does enlarge the future.
~Paul Boese~

The weak can never forgive.
Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
~Mahatma Gandhi~
(Indian Philosopher – 1869-1948)

Peace & Blessings,
Lo (Enigmaress)

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