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I Am Human By Maya Angelou

I Am Human By Maya Angelou

Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto”,


“I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.”


Personal Note:

Honor your humanity and honor your divinity. Stay centered and find a place of balance. Always live your life here on MOTHER EARTH in the NOW moment because youre exactly where youre suppose to be. Youre human and there is absolutely nothing about you that is imperfect, youre perfect just the way you are.

Know that youre always loved, supported and protected, especially in moments when you feel alone, confused or even when you feel youve reached the road to nowhere, know that youre somewhere and your SOUL will always guide you to the right path at the right time.

Music For The Day: HUMAN By BRANDY

“I’m PERFECTLY HUMAN, I might just have a life. 

I’m PERFECTLY HUMAN but I’m an angel in disguise

(We’re ALL Angels in disguise).”

With Love and Blessings,

Lo (Enigmaress)

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The Lips of Wisdom Are Closed Except To The Ears of Understanding

“The Lips of Wisdom Are Closed,
Except To The Ears of Understanding.”
~The Kybalion~

Our greatness lies not so much in
being able to remake the world,
As in being able to remake ourselves.
~ Mahatma Gandhi~

Confront the dark parts of yourself,
And work to banish them,
With illumination and forgiveness.
Your willingness to wrestle,
With your inner demons,
Will cause your angels to sing.
Use the PAIN as FUEL,
As a reminder of your strength.”
~ August Wilson~

Introspection is self-improvement
And therefore…
introspection is self-centeredness.
Awareness is not self-improvement.
On the contrary,
It is the ending of the self of the “I,” with all its peculiar
Idiosyncrasies, memories, demands, and pursuits.
In introspection there is identification and condemnation.
In awareness there is no condemnation or identification;
Therefore, there is no self-improvement.
There is a vast difference between the two.”
~Jiddu Krishnamurti~

Peace & Blessings

Lo (Enigmaress)

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